From GMAIL to a perfect Issue-Tracking-System

While studyin some featurelists of various issue tracking systems like RT, an idea of a few missing gmail functions came into my mind, that could turn gmail into a full-fledged, simple, high performance, webbased issue/bug tracking system!

Here they are:

primary missing features:

  • multiuser login
  • multiuser browsing
  • automated numbering of new incoming mails (ticket #)
  • owners (ability to „take“ issues/requests)
  • prioritize issues/requests

secondary missing features:

  • history of all activities
  • comments
  • statistics about: user, labels, timelines, searches

All other needed features are already there! Even an integrated chat/videochat!

I’m sure, developing all these requirements and implementation of the whole story as a new Labs product would take only a few weeks, providing a good developing team. I’m anxious for reading news about the new „Google issue tracker“ :)
What do you think? Email me when similar gmail based product is ready for some beta tests…