From GMAIL to a perfect Issue-Tracking-System

While studyin some featurelists of various issue tracking systems like RT, an idea of a few missing gmail functions came into my mind, that could turn gmail into a full-fledged, simple, high performance, webbased issue/bug tracking system!

Here they are:

primary missing features:

  • multiuser login
  • multiuser browsing
  • automated numbering of new incoming mails (ticket #)
  • owners (ability to „take“ issues/requests)
  • prioritize issues/requests

secondary missing features:

  • history of all activities
  • comments
  • statistics about: user, labels, timelines, searches

All other needed features are already there! Even an integrated chat/videochat!

I’m sure, developing all these requirements and implementation of the whole story as a new Labs product would take only a few weeks, providing a good developing team. I’m anxious for reading news about the new „Google issue tracker“ :)
What do you think? Email me when similar gmail based product is ready for some beta tests…


you are still searching for my old hardcodeeditor?
you can get it here.

The hardcodeeditor script was created by me back in the 2001 or 2002 as an alternative to a CMS for some microsites of that was the original URL of the biggest german music portal MTV. I’ve added some comments to this script years later and decided now to put it to github under a MIT Licence just in case, somebody could still reuse it.

Don’t blame me for a spaghetti code, more than a decade ago I was young and didn’t had a clue about anything ;)

Have fun!

Download hardcodeeditor