codeschool – some useful links from the wrap up pages

Report Card

rustys codeschool report card

Try jQuery course

jQuery Air: Captain’s Log


CSS Cross-Country

Journey Into Mobile

Functional HTML5 & CSS3

Download Level 6 – „The Annex“



Assembling Sass

Assembling Sass Part 2

Git Real

Shell Productivity – Resources

Real-time Web with Node.js

Anatomy of Backbone.js

Anatomy of Backbone.js Part 2

Explore and Master Chrome DevTools and other Stuff

Ruby Bits

And if you happened to try the Konami code, you’ll want to check out Kick Ass.

Ruby Version Manager or RVM

Ruby Bits Part 2

To get 40% off the Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming screencast series, use the code MetaRuby-EL12 at checkout.

Rails for Zombies

Rails for Zombies 2

Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws

Rails Testing for Zombies

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